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What is Oxblood Red? Oxblood red is not red like a fire engine or a strawberry. It is a deep, rich and textured shade of the color. It is darker than it is bright and more earthy than showy. More red than wine but less then hibiscus, it’s a color that implies significance and luxury. It carries both magnitude and understated gravity. It does not flash at you like an emergency red, or try to tempt you with too much sweetness, as if it were a candy apple. Oxblood red is a color of distinction and prestige. It is rooted in history and exacting methodologies that creates the remarkable and unrivaled red that is Oxblood red. Never confuse Oxblood red with any other idea of red.

Oxblood is one of the most dramatic glazes ever created for porcelain or stoneware ceramics. Developed during the Ming Dynasty, it is copper based and requires extremely high temperatures for firing. As important as heat, is an exacting kiln atmosphere. The slightest variation in gasses can cause wild fluctuation in color, from black to blue to almost mossy green. Pieces exhibiting wider color spectrums are referred to as “transmutation” glazes. However, the actual glaze used is the same as traditional Oxblood red. The chemistry of the glaze reacts quite differently to different levels of oxygen in the kiln.

Oxblood glazes have been produced in China for centuries. The glaze has an unusual finish, as it is glassy and smooth but has a distinct texture to its look. Decorators value oxblood porcelains for color, fine quality and sophisticated appeal. You can find examples of authentic oxblood porcelains in some of the world's top museums and richly appointed hotels. Adding a single oxblood accessory to a room lifts the overall sophistication of the decor. You can search for these highly demanded pieces on the antique shopping streets of Hong Kong and Beijing or you can start by looking right here.



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