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Green celadon carp plate - goldfish design, 7"D (set of 4 plates)
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Green celadon carp plate - goldfish design, 7"D (set of 4 plates)



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Celadon refers to the pale green glaze of the ancient Chinese stoneware. Celadon originated in China, where porcelains and ceramics were first invented, but it is produced throughout Asia. Each country has its own unique shade, due to slight differences in the clays and materials used to create the distinguishing green color. While ancient porcelains found in China are unglazed, celadon is perhaps the earliest example of glazed porcelain in the world. It was first used for cups and bowls in very utilitarian manner, but soon lent itself to decoration.

The double carp design embossed on our celadon dinnerware is a derivation of one of the first known decorative patterns on Chinese porcelain ware. The carp is a symbol of prosperity in China. As porcelain once exemplified both high technology and affluence, it is not surprising that the carp should adorn it.

As celadon is technically stoneware, a dense clay ceramic, it is durable as well as dishwasher and microwave safe. Reorient has a full line of Celadon dinnerware that is sourced in northern China from some of the oldest operating factories that still produce Celadon as it was a hundred years ago, hand worked with wood and coal fired kilns. The character and quality of each item is consistent with 19th century craftsmanship and will lend the mystique of old world Asia to your dinner setting.


Size: 7"D

Dishwasher, microwave safe

Made in China

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5I love my celadon fish dishes.Jun 12, 2007
By Kate Marin "Kate"
Lord alone knows who I bought my Chinese celadon carp dishes from twenty years ago, but as hard on them as I am, I still have nearly all of them. I have & use only these dishes(with a coupla other bowls), so they've worked hard since I bought them. I regularly use them in the mic & storing leftovers, so I'm certainly not babying them. One might think that "hand washing" implies extra care, but I think that secure placement in a dishwasher rack is much less likely to produce the chips, cracks & smashes that old-fashioned porcelain sinks & clumsy, hasty hands just about guarantee. Considering how successful a dish-killer I've been since little-kidhood, these have held up remarkably well.

Originally I had eight each of the 10" dinner plates, 7" lunch plates (called salads here), 5" side plates, 6" shallow bowls, 4" deep bowls, tea cups & saucers, sauce dishes, soup spoons, & chopstick rests, plus a huge platter and large serving bowl. I've moved four times since I bought them, & despite the rough help of friends (kindly, but seriously uninspired & non-professional movers), I still have all but 3 large plates, 3 large bowls, 1 lunch plate, and 1 small bowl.

One drawback for some might be the celadon color, which I happen to especially love. One old friend hated "eating on green plates," but his taste was also pretty wretched in many other areas so, so much for his opinion! I love eating from them, love having them to look at, & all in all, continue quite content with them. And though not as light as, say, Corelle, they're not as horribly heavy as some stoneware, either, which my arthritic morning fingers are grateful for. They're not all that expensive for being a lovely and tangible link with history, IMHO- Tho' of course I paid far less for mine, so long ago!

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